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Vegetables are an important part of the Wheel of Five. Vegetables are low in calories and many healthy nutrients. Vegetables come in many shapes and sizes and are almost indispensable in our meals. Ruyken can deliver all kinds of vegetables to your kitchen 24 hours, 7 days a week, even pre-cut and packaged if desired. On this page you will find a selection from our product range.

Most sold vegetables

Green bean

The green bean is also known as French bean. Green beans have a variety of uses. You can boil, stew or stir-fry them. Our green beans come from Spain, the Netherlands and Morocco.

String bean

Everyone knows them: the flat beans that can grow up to 25 cm long. The string bean is best eaten sliced. Our string beans come from Spain, the Netherlands, Morocco and Brazil.


Asparagus are the white or green shoots of the asparagus plant. White asparagus grow underground and do not get any light, hence the colour. White asparagus have a soft but distinctive flavour. Green asparagus grow above ground and have a somewhat stronger flavour than white asparagus. You can use asparagus to cook delicious classic dishes and stir-fries or use them in a salad.

Yard long bean

A yard long bean, or snake bean, resembles a stretched green bean. These are often around 25 centimetres, but a yard long bean can be up to one meter long. You can recognise a good yard longs by the fact that they are juicy and firm. Long beans have a sweet, beany taste. 

You can boil, stew or stir-fry them. They are wonderful to combine with ingredients from, for example, the Surinamese kitchen.


Samphire is resistant to salty environments like no other. Samphire absorbs salt during growth, giving it a salty and spicy flavour. You can stir-fry samphire with other vegetables such as asparagus, but it is also very tasty in fish and meat dishes.

Sea lavender

Sea lavender are long green leaves that resemble lamb's ears. Sea lavender is also called marsh-rosemary and belongs to the sea vegetables. Just like samphire, sea lavender has a salty flavour. Its salty flavour makes it ideal for use in fish dishes.


There are many types of cabbage. There is pointed cabbage, white cabbage, red cabbage and cauliflower, for example. Cabbage is eaten around the globe and can be used in various ways. Each colour has its own character and taste. The white cabbage is delicious in a wok dish, red cabbage in a salad. Did you know that cabbage is also a superfood? Cabbage contains many vitamins, minerals and many medicinal properties.


One of the most consumed vegetables! The winter carrot resembles an ordinary carrot in many ways. However, the winter carrot is much larger, harder, thicker and meatier. A winter carrot can be stored outside the fridge for up to a month. It's healthy, slightly sweet and crunchy. You can eat it as a snack, or make a delicious stir-fry dish or stew.


A real traditional Dutch superfood. Beets are dark red root vegetables packed with vitamins and powerful antioxidants. They are very nutritious and taste delicious. Beets have a fresh, sweet and earthy flavour. Delicious as a dish, in a salad or as a juice.


From the Far East, related to broccoli, better known as Chinese broccoli. This vegetable is common in Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisine. Its flavour is similar to broccoli, but slightly more bitter and stronger. We cannot say the same about its appearance, the Kai-Lan has small flowers, long stems and leathery leaves. Kai-Lan is best served in a stir-fry or wok dish. 


Amsoi has a slightly bitter and spicy flavour. Amsoi consists of light green and firm leaves with a spicy mustard flavour. This is logical, because the amsoi plant is related to the mustard plant. Amsoi is often used in Surinamese cuisine and is easy to use in a stir-fry or salad

With love to your door

As a fruit and vegetable wholesaler with certified suppliers and many years of experience, we supply fresh fruit and vegetables daily. We do this as environmentally friendly as possible, we are sustainable, drive electric vehicles and have our own refrigerated cars.

It is easy to order your products online or place your order by telephone. Free first trial order for new customers and free delivery throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. We can supply unprocessed products at pallet level as well as for retail and industrial kitchens or per item for the hospitality and catering industry.

An urgent delivery? No problem! We are available 24/7, ordered today means delivered to your kitchen tomorrow.

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